Common Theories and Frameworks for Business Dissertation Writing

Are you willing to start business dissertation writing? If the answer is yes, your teacher must ask you to find the relevant theory, or framework to get dissertation writing help for your topic. So are you looking for these theories to support your dissertation? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place as this article is just for you. I’m going to share some important theories that can help you in this context. These theories are popular in business dissertation writing. You can also use these theories to establish the theoretical framework of your business dissertation. Let’s discuss these theories in detail;

Theory Of Planned Behaviour:

The theory of planned behaviour links beliefs of the people with their behaviour. Attitude, subjective norms, and perceived behavioural control are key components of this theory. The theory explains that these components shape intentions of the individual. In 1991, Icek Ajzen proposed this theory. TPB predicts behavioural intentions better than the other theories. Many business researchers use this theory in business dissertation writing. This is because it gains a lot of importance in the business field. Many researchers use it for observing the intent of students for starting a business. Many literatures on business include this theory. You can also use it during the business dissertation writing aspect.

Buyer Decision Process:

In 1910, John Dewey introduced the buyer decision process. Even though the field of marketing has evolved, this process is still acceptable. Dewey explained some basic experiences of buyers that never changed. He outlined the buyer’s journey before, and after buying. Most businesses check this process for adjusting within the market. Many studies check the consumer buying decision through this process. If you’re planning to study the buying intention of a consumer, this process is best for you. This process is the right way of generalising consumer’s experience. This is because this process outlines the linear journey of consumers. The five stages of the buyer decision process are as follows;

  1. Problem/need based identification
  2. Search for relevant information
  3. Evaluation of alternatives
  4. Buying decision
  5. Post-purchase response

You can find a large number of papers following this process. You can also use this popular process in your business dissertation writing.

Contingency Theory:

Contingency theory is another famous theory in business dissertation writing. This theory claims that there is no best way of managing, and leading a company. Moreover, it also claims that there is no best way of making decisions in the company. In contrast, it claims that optimal actions depend upon situation of the company. This theory focuses on adapting a flexible approach for selecting strategies. The contingency theory has strong support from literature as well. Many empirical studies proved the reliability of theory. The predictive nature of theory also increases its strength. Researchers use this theory in different business studies too. You can also use this theory in business dissertation writing. Many researchers also use it while studying the role of leaders and the environment. So if these come under your area of interest, then this theory is the best for you.

Human Relations Theory:

Human relations theory focuses on studying the behaviour of people within a group. This theory focuses on the importance of employee attitudes, as well as interpersonal relationships. It also focuses on leadership style for achieving organisational effectiveness. Human relations theory claims that participative leaders get better results than authoritarian leaders. You can use this theory for studying leadership styles, and employees’ interaction.

System Management Theory:

System management theory explains that business consists of many components to empower learning and research. These components have to work at the same pace for making work better. The theory claims success of the business upon relationship between components. This theory considers the employee as most important component of a company. The theory asks managers to choose management practices according to the situation. If you’re studying the business components, then this theory is best for you.


Many teachers ask students to incorporate theories while business dissertation writing. This is because theories have significant importance within your dissertation. It strengthens your point, and gives direction to your work as well. There are a lot of theories available in the literature too. Students can use that for relating to their dissertation. For example, if students want to study the intentions of people, they can use TPB aspects. If they want to study components of the business, they can use system management theory. Hence, in business dissertation writing, theories have significant importance. Students must use them in their thesis to make them more effective.