Best Tips On Formatting a Dissertation

The appearance and presentation of data in a dissertation are known as formatting of a dissertation. Another essential term that is used instead of the formatting of a dissertation is known as a layout. The formatting of a dissertation is essential in the various ways. Firstly, it can differentiate a dissertation from other kinds of academic papers. Secondly, it is helpful for the readers to make the dissertation more readable. Thirdly, it is helpful for the students to structure and organize the data in an effective way. If you don’t have enough idea about the format of a dissertation, then you can get help from expert writers of the dissertation writing services. The best tips about the formatting of a dissertation are given below;

  • Paper

You should try to use the best paper while preparing the copies of your dissertation. This paper should be long-lived and acid-free. Moreover, the quality of that paper should also be impressive. The size of the paper should be 8.5X11 inches. The papers of your dissertation should be printed on both sides.

  • Typeface

In the typeface of a dissertation, first of all, there comes the size of the font. The size of the font should be in between from 10 to 12 points. The characters of your dissertation should show consistency and crisp. These characters should also be easily readable to the audience.

  • Margin

The paper margin of your dissertation must be 1.5 inches from the side of the binding. On the other hand, the margin of paper from all the other sides of the paper should be only 1 inch. If you are going to take print of a paper from both sides, then you should ensure 1.5 inches margin from both binding sides.

  • Spacing

For this reason, you should try to read out the guidelines of your advisor. Some advisors require one and a half spacing between the words throughout the dissertation. On the other hand, some advisors require double spacing between the words throughout the dissertation.

  • Word and text divisions

For this reason, you should try to use a standard dictionary. This standard dictionary will provide some essential tips about the word divisions in a dissertation. There is no need to provide short lines at the top of the page. Moreover, there is no need to include heading and subheading at the bottom of the page.

  • Style

There are a lot of styles are available to write your dissertation but you should try to use such a writing style that is suggested by your advisor. Most of the universities and advisors suggest Times New Roman as a writing style.

  • Order and content

As we know that you will have to include a lot of sections in your dissertation. The ordering of these sections also comes into the formatting of a dissertation. According to the standard ordering of the sections, first of all, you should try to write preliminary pages. In the second, you should try to present the main body of your dissertation. At last, you should place references, appendices, and bibliography.

  • Pagination

It is also necessary for the students to ensure consistent placement of the pagination in their dissertations. The pagination of the preliminary pages should be done in Roman letters. On the other hand, the pagination of the main body of the dissertation should be done with the help of Arabic numbers. These page numbers should be written at the upper left corner of the page.