How to Write a Dissertation in Medicine Field?

Writing a dissertation in medicine field starts with choosing a right topic. Your medical dissertation is your written work based on your research in the field of Medicine. Its purpose is to obtain a higher degree from the university. While writing a dissertation in the medicine field you must keep in mind that it is not only to attain a higher degree but it must contain the facts that may be helpful in the field of medicine in future.

For this reason you must focus on the very first step to a beneficial dissertation that is choosing a right topic. Your work must highlight a serious problem. You must choose a dissertation topic according to your interest and call attention to a fresh perspective in you research work.

Outline your Dissertation

After choosing a right topic for your dissertation you must make an outline to carry on with your work.  Before start writing a dissertation you must consider preparing an outline for your research. This will pave a clear path towards your dissertation writing. You would have some reference points from which you can take help in your future study. Make different sections in your outline which may have the title, introduction, your findings, result of these findings and a conclusion. These are some major parts. You can also add other sections to your outline according to your choice.

Title for your Dissertation

The title you choose for your dissertation will create the first impression about your research. It will encompass and describe what kind of work your study will be going to offer? So be precise and accurate while selecting a topic. Follow some simple rules like do not make it too long or too small. Secondly, pick appropriate language for your title i.e. do not make use of unnecessary words, phrases and abbreviations. Above all avoid any type of grammatical mistake. Take help from dissertation proofreading services if necessary. While choosing a topic you must take in consideration that it must be easily available in medical and healthcare resources. And the students must be at comfort to write a dissertation on the selected topic.


When you are writing an introduction you must keep in mind that it must lay out the important background information on the given topic and make it easier for the reader to judge the results of the following study. Divide your introduction in various paragraphs. You can state the background information in first paragraph while in other paragraphs you can identify the importance of your problem and your objectives. For making the introduction more elaborate you can cite the research papers written on your topic. But you must take care that you are not making it too long with unnecessary information other than the problem which is being described in your study.


The results of the dissertation are of utmost importance so, they must be highlighted keeping in view that point of your whole work lies in them. They will be going to become a point of discussion during the defense that is why they should be make clear and elaborate. You can use tables, figures and graphs to make them more descriptive and understanding. The objectives of the research must be taken into account while writing the results.  Take necessary help from dissertation writing services if necessary.

Discussion on Results

A perfect medical dissertation should include a discussion keeping in view the topic and objectives of research. State you findings and illustrate that your thesis is different and it contains new information. There should be some message that can be derived from your study and it can prove beneficial for the other people related to the field.


Like any other piece of writing your dissertation also needs a quality conclusion. You can conclude your dissertation by stating the major observation of you study. You can suggest various ideas from the study that are helpful in solving the problem statement. Thus a good conclusion must add to the overall quality of your dissertation. All of the above described points will help you out in writing a qualitative medical dissertation. You can also add more things to your work according to your desire. But keep in view that your dissertation must not be too long or too short. You should make strong and clear points to illustrate your findings and observation. Every step must be given proper attention and focus. You should take into account professionals or writing services if you want to add more value to your work. Moreover your must take into notice that you study should be a valuable addition to the field of medical.