The Bad Effects Of Obesity On Our Health

A medical condition in which a body accumulates excess weight and this excess weight may have negative impacts on his body. When the BMI of a person is greater than 30 kg per meter square, a person is considered as an obese person. Obesity is not good for a person because it can become a cause of various diseases and medical problems. According to the writers of coursework writing service, the main causes of obesity are the intake of excess food and lack of physical activities. Some bad impacts of the obesity on our health are explained below;

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High blood pressure

Due to obesity, some amount of additional fat is accumulated in our body. These additional fat tissues require Oxygen and nutrients. As a result, the blood vessels have to circulate more blood to these tissues. This lasts more load on the heart because it has to pump more blood. This circulatory blood also lasts some additional load on the artery walls. This high load on the artery walls increases the blood pressure of a person. Due to high blood pressure, the ability of a body to transport the blood will be disturbed.


According to research, the main cause of type 2 diabetes is obesity. Usually, it is considered that this type of diabetes only occurs in adults but now, it is also observed that this type of diabetes also occurs in the children. Its reason is that obesity becomes the cause of resistance for insulin. Due to this resistance, the blood sugar level of a person is elevated. These signs of obesity are also found in moderate obese persons too.

Heart disease

Atherosclerosis is known as the hardening of the arteries. This kind of problem is also found in obese persons. Coronary artery disease is also present in obese persons. Its reason is that the fat that is accumulated in the body of an obese person is supplied to the heart. There is also a possibility that the arteries of an obese person will be narrowed. These narrowed arteries can become a cause of heart attack for a person. There are some blood clots are also created in the narrowed arteries and these blood clots can also become a cause of stroke for a person.

Joint problems

Due to obesity, a person gains extra weight. This extra weight lasts some stress on the knees and hips of an obese person. Doctors don’t allow joint replacement surgery for obese persons. Its reason is that due to the high weight, there is a possibility that these artificial joints may be damaged.


As we know that there are various types of cancer. Due to obesity, there is a possibility that a person may have some kind of cancer. For example, in obese women, the possibility of breast cancer will be increased. In a similar way, in obese men, the possibility of colon cancer and prostate cancer will also be increased.


Along with these problems, obesity can also become a cause of psychological effects and sleep apnea.



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