Top Tips to Write Dissertation on Culture and Fashion

The trends of the fashion are based on the culture and norms of the specific region. Culture has a major impact and influence on fashion and style. The trends in fashion change with the cultural changes. Culture is a mainly broad concept, and the datum of fashion replicating culture infers more or less attention to some major changes in culture. Technological advancement is one of the major influencers in this context. So choosing a topic with help of a dissertation help firm for writing your dissertation on culture and fashion is very interesting but at the same time a challenging task.

Topic of Dissertation on Culture and Fashion:

The topic of dissertation must be unique, logical, problem solving and practical. The research topic for your dissertation on culture and fashion is something that can be fascinating and interesting for anyone, even those who are not the student of this field. So the topic you should choose must be very fascinating. A fashion designer has to design those dresses that are not only well-designed but also pleasing to the eye. The students of fashion and culture need to put some extra effort into getting good grades. For fashion and culture students it is important to bring new ideas and experiment on prevailing fashion and culture theories and trends.

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This means that they have to add value and interest in the topic of your research. The study of fashion and culture is immense and related to so many other academic disciplines. So it is vital to come up with that topic for fashion and culture dissertation that is innovative, thorough, and practical in nature. In simple words it is very important to have a logical topic. If you choose a wrong topic then might have to face the disinterest of your supervisor, your research may lack credibility and logical sense and it may not be viable. And if it is so then your time and efforts all will go wasted when your dissertation will be rejected by the committee. Here are some of our suggestions;

  • Waves of COVID-19 in the fashion industry
  • Analysis of Fashion Trends During and after COVID-19
  • Role of fashion n reforming he cultural values
  • Influence of modern trends in fashion on cultural and social values
  • How fashion trends shape the living standards
  • Fashion Trends of Royal and Governing Families
  • The immersion of well-off female customers in fashion industry
  • Cultural contemporaneousness and fashion reportage
  • The Five fashion shows and their success parameters
  • The revival of Eighties fashion trends

Structure of Dissertation on Culture and Fashion:

Before starting to write you need to have prepared a research proposal for the topic you have chosen. The research proposal of your dissertation must include the introduction of the particular problem that you choose to research about, thesis statement or research question, aims and objectives of your research, literature review for showing significance of your topic, and research methodology. Your dissertation must have the following parts; Title Page, Acknowledgement, Abstract, Table of Contents, Introduction, literature review, methodology, findings and analysis, discussion, conclusion, references, bibliography and appendices.

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The introduction must include the purpose of writing, background context, aims and objectives of research, and the thesis statement. The literature review presents the work of the other researchers who have already done the work in this field. The purpose of discussing the literature review is highlighting the weaknesses, gaps and strengths of the research work already done so far. In the methodology section the researcher discusses the data collection and analysis methods and techniques which he is going to employ. It typically comprises research design, philosophy, limitations, ethical consideration and code of conduct, and data collection and analysis strategy.

In the findings and analysis chapter the researcher analyzed his findings and results in detail. The results are presented in the form of graphs and charts. In discussion and conclusion the results are interpreted to check state whether the research hypothesis has been verified or not. The references are written for making your work free of plagiarism. It is done according to the guidelines provided by your supervisor. Bibliography chapter includes the name of all the authors from whose work you have taken information for your dissertation. The last chapter is named as appendices which contain all the additional information, graphs and diagrams that are not the part of the dissertation but are used to complete or support the dissertation.