What Is a Personal Statement? Which Things Do It Include?

Writing a personal statement is probably the most challenging and tough task you have faced in your academic life as all your efforts and hard work seem to be nothing if you can sum yourself up and present yourself in the best light. In just a page or two, you have to sum yourself up, what you believe in, how you reached what or where you are, and what you aspire to do in the future in the hope that you will be considered the perfect candidate. It can be pretty daunting, and many students begin to lose hope even before they start writing because they do not think that they can do justice to a personal statement. According to a dissertation writing service, a personal statement should contain a short overview of what or who you are. It should express strengths and any work experience or education you have acquired over the past few years.

To present yourself as the best person who is most capable for the particular task or degree, you must include the skills you have gained such as time management, customer service, teamwork, computer skills, etc. It would not be wrong to say that the personals statement is an effective way for students to show their passion for the chosen subject. However, knowing where to start, what things to include in it, what words to use, and how to frame your skills and experience the right way without sounding arrogant or conceited can be complicated, and you need to understand how to do it right. This article helps you understand how to develop a perfect personal statement, what essential elements to include that make your application stand out and increase your chances of getting selected.

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Tell A Personal Story:

You need to be authentic in your statement, as this is the chance when you can impress the readers with your skills, experience, or talent and become their ultimate choice. Every individual is different, and no one else can have your personal touch, so make sure to use this individuality to stand out in the crowd and make your place.  You must tell a specific story and think of an experience that has brought you to this field of study. Storytelling is a crucial part of the personal statement, and you must do it the right way to keep the readers engaged and impressed with what you are saying. Tell this story in your own words by writing the way you speak and open with a powerful statement that not only endears people to your narrative but also demonstrates your efficient communication skills.

Exhibit Your Values:

The selection committee also wants to see what kind of a person you are and if you will be a valuable addition to their institute. Exhibit your ethical and moral values along with your dedication to the field of study; it can be done by stating examples of meaningful tasks you have done, such as focusing on your studies despite problems, caring for family members, or volunteering. They will shed a good light on your character and define your core values.

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Show Your Motivations:

The selecting committee is interested in knowing why you want to follow a specific academic and professional path and what drives you. While sometimes you are inspired, at other times, it is a result of experiences that takedown to the memory lane when you were unable to decide. Make sure to show your motivations through the lens of the persona and professional development and how it has played a significant role in shaping your personality and getting you where you are.

Come Out With Aspirations:

Aspirations are a must in a personal statement, and they help the admission committee see how far you plan to go and how you plan to reach there. Whether you are writing the personal essay for fellowship or admission, the goal is the same; you need to tell them why you are the right choice and good long term investment that will also benefit them. Give them all the right reasons to choose you; demonstrate how you have spent time and effort researching their program, know all that it entails, and are the perfect candidate. You must use the personal statement to show your passion for the chosen subject and let the institution where you are applying to see that you are a perfect choice. It is the time to show off what makes you the right choice and what you will be bringing to the course and the academic institute.