5 Inspiring Movies That Every Student Must Watch

Parents often think that their children are wasting time while watching TV and films. But the reality is altogether different. Parents should allow their children to watch movies. There should be a strict check and balance about the content parents allow their kids to watch. Because students can learn from movies; they cannot learn from reading just textbooks. Movies have always been around but the opinions about them are now different as they were in the past. Movies are a great way to learn things and understand concepts. When students watch something on screen they can understand it more clearly. Just reading something doesn’t necessarily make you understand it. Now, most schools and colleges give assignments to students to select and write about their favorite films. We must admit that watching movies is a great learning experience. Experts of assignment writing services have compiled our five favorite movies that can inspire every student. Have a look at the list:

The Social Network:

 The generation today is tech-savvy. It is a very important film in the age of technology and computer science today. This movie is based on the true-life story of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. Facebook is of the biggest social media platform today. This movie tells us briefly how this Internet giant was founded. Mark who is a multi-millionaire today was not always like this. The protagonist is played by Jesse Eisenberg, who plays a genius in the computer in the movie. But this film also portrays that the main lead was not always that sorted. He was confused but genius. You will see how things turned out for him. This movie has received a lot of praise and awards. Every student who wants to know the story behind Facebook’s founder should watch this movie.

The Theory Of Everything:

 This movie is based on the true-life story of Professor Stephen Hawking. This is such an inspirational film especially for students who are studying science degrees. Eddie Redmayne plays the lead role in the film. He is an award-winning and extraordinary actor. This particular movie is set at Cambridge University. This movie tells us about the younger days of Hawking’s life. How he despite physical disability could not be stopped from being a genius he was. We recommend every student to watch this film once at least. This tells us that everything can be done if you have will power. What a brilliant film and performance.

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The Great Debaters:

 the special thing about this movie is that it is produced by Oprah Winfrey. This film is a dream for everyone who likes empowerment. This film is also based on the true story of a professor, Melvin B. Tolson. It tells us how a black teacher motivated his students. These students then went to challenge Harvard at the debating competition. This film was named after this as “The Great Debaters”. This movie also tackles sensitive issues like racial discrimination and inequality. This film is about empowerment and inspires everyone to fulfill their dreams. Just go and watch this film.

Goodwill Hunting:

This film will surely leave a positive impact on your life. This is an American film. Matt Damon plays the lead role in this film namely Will Hunting. He has an exceptional IQ level and brilliant mathematics skills. But he is unaware of the capacity he has. But he is spotted by a professor who recognizes his talent. Then he meets a psychologist which becomes a turning point in his life. He tries to find the meaning of life with help. This film is worth watching. Every student who gets to see his film will be inspired in many ways. We highly recommend this film.

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 Dead Poets Society:

We can comfortably say that this is one of the most inspiring films for students today. This impacts students who are studying and even who have completed their studies. It is such a powerful film. The lead role is played by Robin Williams, namely John Kneating who is a teacher. This movie was made in 1989. This movie is set in a boarding school. This shows that how students were in constant pressure from family and school to score higher grades and pass exams. But there comes an English teacher who is different from others. He teaches students in different and fun ways. The monotony is broken for students. This is such an inspiring film for both teachers and students. He tells his students that living moments is so important.