How To Use Your Life Experience In Writing Reflective Essay?

Reflective essays are those kinds of essays that seem oh so simple, and yet oh so difficult to compose, all at once. To put it plainly, reflective essays are a critical analysis of life experience and are not very difficult to bring together with the right guidance. A reflective essay is similar to a diary entry, but someone can read it so it requires a lot of clarity and a strong structure. A reflective essay is in that respect much like any other essay out there. In this guide we will tell you how you can write a reflective essay using your life experience:


Format Of Reflective Essay:

As shared by essay writing service, in the reflective essay, the writer discusses his / her observations of life. For students, the aim of writing an essay is a chance through which they can explore what they have learned from the class. This type of essay can be written in different formats but most of the time you will see it in a diary entry format. The reflective essay style is based upon the target audience. The essay on reflection can be scholarly, or a detailed general magazine piece. But the format of writing the essay varies for the student assignment but the purpose remains the same. The students are required to use Harvard or APA to write an essay. The basic format for an assignment purpose reflex essay is:


Concentration on Personal Growth: The reflective essay given to the students by teachers is an approach to helping students evaluate their life experiences and enabling them to develop emotionally. The students write the essay by examining what they have gained from different things or their lives.

Literature Concentration: This is the second type of format that the students follow. This type of essay requires a summary of the literature that is related to the students’ life experiences.

You can change the essay format but make sure the structure remains the same. Lastly, the essay on reflection consists of the introduction, body material, and conclusion.


Structure Of A Reflective Essay:

  • Reflective essays often have an introduction, where the speaker discusses what the ultimate objective of the reflection would be, either directly or indirectly. Many popular essay writers may be a bit indirect about their main subject, or what part of their lives they’re going to focus on. An academic writer should, however, be more straightforward when describing what part of his or her observations he or she is going to be thinking about.
  • The reflective essay’s body discusses how the writer changed, or what the writer experienced. It also shows what was causing the writer to alter things. For example, many academic writers are asked to ponder how they have improved over the semester or quarter as writers. These writers often share how various assignments and lessons made them more powerful writers.
  • Not only will a strong reflective writer share the change but they will also give examples as sufficient evidence. For example, if a writer is discussing becoming more optimistic in life, then examples of what made this change should be given, such as exchanging an incident in which the writer has taken a positive method for resolving the incident.
  • Conclusion: Broaden your essay idea. Describe how you have changed this experience, or motivate you to learn something different. The other way to write the conclusion is to explain what you’ve learned from events in your life. You have to sum up your narrative by logically emphasizing the key points.


Avoid Too Many Details:

Too many specifics in an essay confuse readers who are reading the article you’ve written. So, try not to add too many specifics, names, or needless subtleties as this causes ambiguity, and readers hate it.


Avoid Grammatical Errors:

Grammar is one of the key aspects that your entire essay wants to be fine. Make sure you make no grammatical errors. Proofread your essay 1-2 times to prevent this, to make sure it is error-free.


Avoid Poor Plotting:

Perhaps, in your mind, you took a good idea. But when you begin with an essay on plotting, it doesn’t seem right. So, in your essay make your plot well by taking some virtual orientation. Make the basic goal, and seek to accomplish it by the end of the essay.


Convey Message Properly:

You know that right, you will be delivering a message with your reflective essay! So make sure that every message you send doesn’t compromise in personality making. Do not make a lot of generalizations in your essay so readers will find it attractive.