Old Schools Gadgets Are Getting Upgrade in 2020

Just as we love to watch remakes of the famous and most memorable movies that left a strong mark on our hearts and mind, electronic companies also remember some of their most popular and best seller devices. Even though it has been ages since they were first launched, their improved versions are being launched now that come with modern twists. According to a dissertation proposal writing service, Relaunching these devices or gadgets does not only give them a reboot but also equips them with some amazing features that leave us awed.

These were some of the gadgets that we could not live without years back but with passage of time and launching of newer and better devices made us forget all about them. The old phones were the novelty back in the 1990s along with the camera that went everywhere with us and took some really great pictures that we fondly ponder over so many times when feeling nostalgic and so many other gadgets that were the real pleasure. We should not forget the TV that served as the portal to binge-watch and for gaming which gave us so much thrill at that time.

Since then things have come a long way and now we have smartphones as well as the digital cameras and so many other gadgets that make life so easy for us along with the Oculus Rift that is all the rage now. However, we should not forget that each of the old school gadgets and devices were the main influence that changed the course of technology for good. If it were not for these old school gadgets, as we call them now, there would have been no smartphones, no iPads, no digital cameras and so many other things that have become such an important part of our life. Many companies have relaunched their devices but the most significant gadgets to get an upgrade are Motorola Razr and Nokia 3210, the most famous handsets that claimed to change the way people took technology.

Motorola Razr:

The company is all set to release its new Razr mobile phone with a cutting edge take on the classic design it launched way back in 1990s.  When it was launched it 2004, it created a big commotion with its metal keypad and looked like something from a sci-fi film. Even though the design is the same as the old one to retain the classic touch yet it incorporates latest technology to make it an effective deal for customers with its looks and functions.  The best thing about this device is that it will come at par with the Samsung Galaxy Fold with its 4.6 inch screen when folded but opened at best view to use Google Chrome’s extensions, its display structure open to an amazing 6.2 inches making it a real pleasure for users to watch videos and play games. You can use the neat little 2.7 inch screen on the front for notifications and other purposes without even opening the device. There is no antenna outside to create trouble as it has been fitted in the space that is twice small as the other modern smartphones. The good thing is that the phone has been wrapped in a special coating that makes it water-resistant as well as splash proof.

Nokia 3210:

The company re-released its legendary phone 3210 that was initially released in 1999 and earned a lot of fame and appreciation as it bought about a change in the way phones were used. This model became an icon and ruled the mobile phone market well before iPhone and Samsung came into the picture. This model sold more than 160 million handsets and went on to become the bestseller for the company but as it was more than a phone that connected people. It also set a precedent by offering a device that has the antenna inside the gadget and came up with most famous snake game. As per the release, the company launched its latest version that contains amaze the users with its great new features.

It has been fitted with a battery that has more than ten times the battery life, camera and a color screen. The good thing is that it is far thinner and lighter than its predecessor and comes with a 2.4 inches color screen and is available in colors like glossy red, glossy yellow, matt dark blue and matt grey offering users a chance to choose the one they prefer. It has also retained some of its best features like extended battery; 22 hours talk time as well as a new edition of the legendary snake game and 16 GB internal storage. Both these gadget released decades ago have been upgraded by the company as they were really popular models and managed to make their places in the user’s heart. With new features and exciting colors, the old fans have a chance to enjoy their favorite models once again.