Top Google Chrome Extensions That Can Check Plagiarism Free

If you want to check the uniqueness of an article or a blog you have written recently because you want to provide original and useful content to the reader then you must make use of free online plagiarism checker tools and publish your article or your blog. Plagiarism checker tools will help you to analyze your work to find its originality and uniqueness. If you want to write useful content for the reader and get a higher rank in Google search, you need to produce content that does not match to any other website. A plagiarism checker tool will solve your problems regarding unique and useful content in your articles and make it much easier to it them different from others. Some of the top Google Chrome extensions are listed below by a cheap dissertation writing service that can help you check plagiarism for free.


Grammarly is among the top online tool to check plagiarism for free. This online tool is for beginners and professionals. Now students can write unique assignments with the help of this tool. You can write much better with the help of its various features which include spelling check, grammar check and sentence correction.

By working on the mistakes highlighted by this tool you can make it more unique and present it to the teachers to get positive reviews from them. Grammarly thoroughly pinpoints the flaws in any piece of writing and focus on the major grammar mistakes. Various colleges and universities use this tool to check plagiarism in their pupil’s works. The most amazing thing about the tool is that there is no limit to making corrections. You only need to install it and then start using it without paying a single penny to extract the common errors from your document.

Small SEO Tools

This tool contains various other tools to check the quality of your post. Plagiarism checker tool is a free online tool that is also a part of SEO tools. To check plagiarism you need to open its homepage and choose the plagiarism checker tool option. Put some text inside a small SEO text box and click the ‘Check Plagiarism’ button. After that you will get the results of the checker. If the content is unique then no further changes are required in the article or a blog but if the content is not distinctive you need to modify it. Told by a dissertation writing service, unlike Grammarly, plagiarism checker tool check limited part of the document. While checking plagiarism you can put limited text in the text box.


A duplichecker also checks the content to find its uniqueness and quality with respect to other works. To check the plagiarism you only need to open the website and copy your content in the provided text box. You can put 1000 words in the text box at a time. If you would exceed the limit, duplichecker does not perform any plagiarism correction on your content.   


Quetext is another free Google chrome extension that checks the originality of a particular text. This tool is comprised of many free features. It can check up to 1000 words at a time. If you want to increase the word count for the checking a pro version of the tool is also available. Pro version checks 25000 words in a single test. You need to put text in the text box available on the homepage. Its test technology will help you to find the matching content from other resources. Its advanced technology has made it the choice of more than 1 million people around the globe.

Search Engine Reports

Suggested by a custom dissertation writing service, this free online tool also works in a similar manner as the previously discussed tools. It contains various tools that are needed to highlight plagiarism in the content. You can use it by selecting the plagiarism option provided in the menu bar at the homepage. A similar text box appears when you visit the page. Copy the content and paste it into the text box. After pressing the ‘Check for Plagiarism button’ it will highlight all the other sources that are used in the text.

All of the Google chrome extensions to check plagiarism are designed to help the authors to write content that can provide useful knowledge to the readers. These tools provide a deeper insight into the written works and are aimed to polish the skills of the writers. By spotlighting the flaws and errors in the written work, these sites are really creating a difference in the quality of work.