Strategic Decision Making for Students When Writing Assignments

Strategic decision-making is not linked to businesses and organizations only. Individuals can follow strategic decision making in other fields of life as well. Students can also use strategic decision making for assignment writing. Strategic decision making help students to find a way to solve their assignment in a professional style. Strategic decision making helps to choose one of the best paths from all available options. Strategic decision making involves formulating and planning about the required steps and bring into line your short-term goals with long-term goals. The importance of assignments cannot be ignored and using a strategic approach to solve your assignments make the work easy for you.

Assignment Writing Based On Strategic Decision Making:

Strategic decision making about assignment writing means you decide and plan how to do the assignment. For doing an assignment with strategic decision making you have to follow the following steps shared by assignment writing services.

The first step to do after getting the assignment is to analyze your topic or question of the assignment. You have to check what is required in the assignment or what the demand in question is. You read the question and breakdown it into sub-parts for understanding. You have to check whether you have to write an essay in the answer, or you have to do research work. Then you check how much the weightage of the assignment is. The next step is about planning the process of your assignment. This planning involves deciding about the following things

  1. sources you will use for collecting the information,
  2. when you have to submit the assignment
  3. the time you will spend on each part of the assignment
  4. how you will do the research
  5. when will you start writing your assignment

This step by step planning is the strategic way of deciding about the steps you need to take for achieving your goal. Planning in this way helps you to stay focused.

Once you have made all the plans, you are set to start researching. You refer to the resources you have decided on and collect the relevant information, data, and ideas. Researching also needs to be done strategically. That means you have to critically decide about which sources are genuine and credible and which sources you have to skip for collecting information. The strategic way for collecting the information is that whatever source (book, journal, website, article, podcast, or video) you have used, you must keep a record of it. It will help you in the citation at the end of the assignment and you will be safe from plagiarism issues. This step shows that when you make a strategic decision you not only think about the present step but also consider its impact on the next or future steps.

After gathering the information you have to organize it in a useful way according to the question of the assignment. Here you have to make a strategic decision and choose what to include and what to not. Once you have organized your information you will have a better idea about the way you will write the assignment. Now based on this organized information you have to outline. This will help you to decide about the order of the information.

The next strategic decision you have to make is writing the draft. When writing the assignment drafting helps you to assemble the ideas and bring them in alignment with the structure and format of the assignment. While drafting the assignment you must keep in mind the formal structure of the assignment. It must have an introductory paragraph, body, and an impressive conclusion. Once you complete the draft of the assignment, you have to review it. You will need to make many changes for making your assignment perfect. After you are satisfied with the draft you can start writing the assignment.

After completing the writing process the next strategic decision is editing and proofreading. At this stage, you have to check whether your assignment is fulfilling all the requirements that are demanded in the question. You also need to check any grammar, spelling, structure, or formatting errors. You also need to check for plagiarism. Make sure that your assignment is free of any error and plagiarism and it is according to the requirements that are demanded in the question.

Impact of Strategic Decision Making on Assignment Writing:

From the steps of assignment writing based on the strategic decision mentioned above, it is shown that when the writing process is done after strategic planning they become easier and more professional. You have all the things and steps clearly defined, and you know what you have to do next, what step to take to start, and what should be the last step.