Top 5 Security Tips to Secure Your Academic Research Work

As a student, you will be given to work on a lot of assignments and dissertations during your academic career. This academic research work is neither easy nor simple and might take months to complete as you want to give your best efforts to impress the teacher and achieve success. When working on your research paper, you will be collected a lot of information and details and this information must be protected so that no one can steal or copy your hard work and present it as theirs.  Even though the internet offers us a great chance to seek information easily within a matter of minutes, it has also left us vulnerable as anyone can access any information and content theft has become even easier. This article by a dissertation writing service discusses the top 5 security tips to secure your academic research work and protect it from theft.

Work Out A Recognizable Writing Style:

Adopt a writing style that is typically yours and it will become hard for thieves to steal your academic research work or use it as it is. When you write with your voice, it will have its distinctive feel and no one would be able to steal it. Your distinctive writing style will shine through and more people will be able to recognize you as the author even if someone tries to be over smart. You will have to work hard at creating your style and practice a lot as this is the only way you will be able to develop a unique writing style that is different from the rest. Academic research work required hard work and you will have to learn all about using the right words and phrases as well as adopting the right style to secure your efforts from theft.

Publish Your Work With Your Name:

Do not forget to add your name to whatever content you are writing or publishing; there are many ways to do this and you must learn the right way to protect your hard work as some thieves are lazy or too ignorant to take the right measures when it comes to copying content. If your name appears alongside every single piece of content that you are publishing, it will make it harder for the thieves to steal the content and succeed in their efforts. If your name appears next to your content, it is called an author byline.  In addition to this, you can also add your name at the bottom of the content and it will give you a record of the authorship. It will ensure that no one can easily use your academic research work.

Watermark The Images:

Watermarking the images is a good idea to deter theft if you are using custom images in your research work. A watermark means you place a logo or a bit of text on the top of the image. The logic behind this is that no one wants to steal an image with a name plastered on it as they will not be able to pass off this work as their work. Watermarks can be obtrusive or subtle depending on how you want to protect your work. Sometimes the watermark can be on one corner of the image or it can cover the whole image; even though the image is clear, yet the watermark is also noticeable, making it tough for someone to pass it off as their effort.

Add A Copyright Notice To Your Content:

The world is full of people who steal, either intentionally or unintentionally and it is up to you to protect your academic research work. Many people do not understand the rules or protocols of using someone’s work and for this; you must add copyright to your content. Adding a copyright notice to your website and content is important as it alerts all such people that unauthorized use of your work in violation of your rights as the creator.

Get A WordPress Plugin For Added Security:

If you are publishing your academic research work online, you can use plugins to protect your content from theft. With these plugins, you prove that you are the content creator in case of any problem.  As these plugins are digitally signed, they are an incredible help when it comes to securing your content from thieves who have no conscience and will drag and drop images and content that are not their so disabling them at the first stage will prevent theft. With these tips, you can look forward to securing your academic research work and protect your efforts from unscrupulous people.